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Who We Are

Our story and a little about us

JB’s love for building and design started at an early age. As a child, JB was the boy the neighborhood kids sought out to help with building bike ramps and tree forts.

In 1995, JB started his career in the frame carpentry industry, where he quickly discovered a passion for reading blueprints. Working as a framer gave JB the opportunity to collaborate closely with other trades and learn the best building practices, from an insider’s perspective.

Cue 2013, JB met his partner, Holli. It didn’t take long for JB and Holli to discover a joint obsession – a love for flipping houses and an aspiration to be the next Chip & Joanna Gaines. Together, they started remodeling homes, flipping a total of 13 properties, in their own custom, signature style. Examples of their work started to go viral, leading them to delve into interior and exterior renovations.

2018 was the year it all began. JB and Holli felt a strong calling to build bold and distinctive custom homes from the ground up – and this is how Art of a Craftsman Custom Homes came to be. Backed by a team of hand-picked, talented craftsmen, they transform empty canvases into statement works of art.

With unparalleled craftsmanship and experience, Art of a Craftsman brings innovation and exceptional attention to detail to every project. Whether it’s a renovation or brand-new build, Scandi-inspired or rustic farmhouse, we’ll work with you to create a custom home that you and your family will love for the years to come.

Looking to build your very own forever home? We’d love to make your dreams a reality. Get in touch with us today.

Building your dream custom home – a personalized experience, in every way

When it comes to building a house, we know that anyone can build or renovate your property. But to us, it’s not just any old house – it’s your forever home-to-be, a space to call your own. For us, your satisfaction isn’t enough, we want you and your family to LOVE it.

That’s why we’re serious about building long-term relationships with all our clients, based off trust and exceptional customer service. We make the entire journey all about you, understanding your dream and working towards your end goals. To ensure this, JB personally oversees every custom home build project, collaborating directly with every single client. There’s no fussing around with a “middleman”.

When you choose Art of a Craftsman as your contractor of choice, you can rest assured knowing that no dream home is too simple or far-fetched. Whether you’re after an awe-inspiring, contemporary masterpiece or a dreamy, Scandinavian farmhouse, we’ll work with your ambitions and make it a reality.

So, let’s sit down and have a chat, from your inspirations to the realistic requirements. We’ll make sure that future home is more than just a pipe dream.

Let's bring your dream home to life

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