Art of a Craftsman wants to be your contractor of choice. We understand that anyone can build or renovate your home, but it is much harder to build a relationship based off trust and customer service. As long-term relationships are vital to us, JB personally oversees the building of each custom home and collaborates directly with every client. It’s truly less about us and more about you- the people we build for and your community. You put your trust in us for the greatest investment you will ever make in life: your family and your home. Art of a Craftsman wants to be with you throughout the home building or renovating journey and build a dream home that your family grows within.

Art of a Craftsman has a wide variety of façades- from awe-inspiring Contemporary to dreamy Scandinavian Farmhouse that compliment streetscapes. To ensure the very latest in new home design, no space is taken for granted – and space is so abundant you might lose yourself in the luxury! We would love to sit down with you to review our floor plans and superb designs. We can adapt our plans to fit your exact style, necessities, and provisions.


JB Liddle’s love for building and design started at a very early age. As a child, JB was the boy the neighborhood kids sought out to help them build bike ramps and tree forts. In 1995, JB started his own frame carpentry company, where he discovered his passion for reading a set of blueprints. Working as a framer allowed JB to work hand in hand with the other trades and really learn the best building practices from the inside.

In 2013, JB met his partner, Holli Tingelhoff. Holli and JB soon discovered they had a similar appetite to flip a house and aspired to be the next Chip & Joanna Gaines. They started remodeling homes and flipped a total of 13 homes in their own custom, signature style. Examples of their work started to go viral, which lead them into interior and exterior renovations.

In 2018, JB and Holli felt the strong desire to build bold and distinctive homes from the ground up. Art of a Craftsman Custom Homes emerged into their lives. Each talented craftsman on their team was hand-chosen by JB. They transform empty canvases into works of art through their craftsmanship, experience, inspiration, and unparalleled attention to detail.